Sometimes I depart with unwanted thoughts in a dream;
Sometimes they fly to poetry….


…. and nature, she is there, and waiting to
inspire ….

My Piano, My Friend

I ran up the room,
Towards the piano at the end:
Towards my friend,
My soulmate, my release –
There I would find heart’s ease,
Calm, a sanctuary;
Where my mind could find
A peace, in a place of its own.
I was alone with the music: somewhere else.
I felt the sting of a tear –
Tears that welled up from empty chords,
And those of weeping, gently sad.
I could have stayed for hours,
Bathed in solitude of aural tranquillity:
Just me:
Caught in a world of ethereal minor chords:
And music spoke with tears
Where there were no words.
There, I was alone
With a soul that poured empathy upon my own.
There, I had a soul for company:
A soul that poured out empathy
In harmony with my thoughts,
Filled to the brim with emptiness:
By the soul of music I was heard,
And music cried my tears,
Where there were no words.


June 2018