Thrilled to announce my first publication.

This is a collection of my poetry inspired by nature, illustrated throughout with my nature photographs.

Dedicated to my Mum.Out now.


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Get a preview of some of the poems and photos, along with some of my piano music, with myYoutube videos,  in the playlist “inspiration from nature”.

September 2021


Inspiration from Nature

SECOND ALBUM OF PIANO MUSIC NOW RELEASED ON SPOTIFY “Inspiration from Nature”. Also on Amazon Music and Apple iTunes and all other main streaming services.

CONCERTS FROM THE MUSIC ROOM – “Winter” sixth in series


This concert was given to a local group from “The Women’s Centre,” as well as friends and provided much needed comfort in the run up to a lockdown Christmas. The programme included poetry and music about the winter season, concluding with reflective poems and some of my Christmas choral and vocal pieces arranged for piano. Afterwards, there was time for us all to chat with a cup of tea or coffee. It was a lovely occasion, and I must admit, I felt as if I was performing live, in a little candlelit tiny concert hall.

“Thank you …. Thank you so much for organising! Beautiful playing :)”

“Dear Suzanne, Thank you SO much for that – what a blessing to me it was, and to the other ladies there too, I am sure.….A lovely concert, so evocative, a time of calm in what is at the moment a very stressful time, for everyone…?”


“Thank you SO much for your time, creativity and kindness. Thank you for a wonderful Winter concert. Thank you for sharing your music with us. It was just magical and I can’t tell you how grateful we are. It certainly helped to spread that Christmas cheer but also offered a quiet moment for reflection and calmness.”

Winter concert photo

Giving these concerts was  very enjoyable, as it gave me a chance to do a concert for an individual family, (or small group as in the case of the “Winter” concert), so I can choose music and poetry I think they will enjoy. Programmes were sent by email to make it feel as near a concert experience as it could be. I hope to continue to do these, as all concert halls seem likely to remain closed for some time and maybe even after they re-open, as it provides a much needed service for those who cannot get to a live concert. The concerts have all been with “no shared screens” so individuals feel comfortable, and unlike recorded concerts, or those with greater numbers viewing, individuals can communicate and chat with me making it both personal, and an antidote to loneliness.

November 2020

CONCERTS FROM THE MUSIC ROOM – “Autumn” – fifth in series


Poetry and music of Autumn.

July 2020

CONCERTS FROM THE MUSIC ROOM – “Summer” – fourth in series

Moments of Tranquility

A concert of light Summer music and poetry for the season….

June 2020


Here you can watch videos of my piano music and poetry set to my photographs of nature, as well as concerts and improvisations. Search for Suzannemunro.

31st May 2020

CONCERTS FROM THE MUSIC ROOM – “Rainbows of Light” – third in series

Concerts from The Music Room a

Another concert featuring a mixture of my poetry and music. The poems and pieces for this concert were chosen for their peaceful and hopeful nature, and included a new improvisation on the human response to our situation, which was based on a painting by a pupil.

17th May 2020

CONCERTS FROM THE MUSIC ROOM – “Pacem” – second in series…

Where once again I performed a mixture of my poetry and music on-line. The poems and pieces for this concert were chosen for their peace, much needed at this time. This concert was performed on two separate occasions in May.

April 16th and May 26th 2020


Concerts from the Music Room

First in the series of “Concerts from my Music Room,” to give a little cheer to people’s lives.… “Tranquility and For Friends” was given as two concerts in May.

Suzanne at piano


All available on Youtube.

15th March 2020


In March, we JUST managed to squeeze in the concert of my music and poetry, with two friends – mezzo Nicky Archer and Julian Barber (pianist) before lockdown, although I was prepared to cancel it on the spot if it became too many in numbers to be safe. Due to the circumstances, we had a small, but very appreciative audience, and we managed to raise £112.00 for dementia UK.


I have now started to post my poetry on Instagram

1st March 2020


On 1st March 2020, my piano pupils gave another charity concert – this time in aid of the World Wildlife Fund, to support their work in helping animals injured in the bush fires and restoring their habitat – WE RAISED £112.00!! All the children and young people thoroughly enjoyed it – I wrote quite a few duets for the beginners and all were successfully performed. It was a really joyous occasion, and “musical great fun” – age ranges: four years – seventeen. Ability: a handful of lessons to ten years of playing. Wonderful! There were new compositions from the pupils too – from those aged seven years to fifteen years, plus a live improvisation.

January 2020


Look out for my magazine article published in first quarterly issue of Piano Professional” EPTA UK’s (European Piano Teachers’ Association UK) music magazine, sharing all the creativity we do in the lessons.

December 2019


Tranquility Piano Music

FIRST ALBUM OF PIANO MUSIC NOW RELEASED ON SPOTIFY also on Amazon Music and Apple iTunes !!!

October 2019


In October, myself and some of my pupils and their families went on a “musical autumn walk”. to get musical inspiration. Little did we know what it would inspire. On the walk I picked up an acorn, and asked how a piece of music would begin…“a single note” came back the reply. We heard a distant train hoot, wondered if the note was an “A” and the piece had begun. I decided we could ALL join in, not just those on the walk… A pupil came up with a theme in his lesson on Monday, and then followed on a flood of creative ideas each week, from themes and story lines to ideas for orchestration. Each week, I orchestrated those ideas… and on 14th March 2020, Nugget was finally completed.

We had hoped to go back this Spring to the spot where we found Nugget, but meantime, until we can all venture out once more, we can hear his story… I have a brightly coloured music score on my laptop – every one who contributed has been allocated a colour, to show their themes and ideas… a wonderful musical journey for all of us… and I wish others joy in listening too.Nugget is available to watch on Youtube, so we can share our creation of this delightful orchestrated narrated story (suitable for children.)

Summer 2019


“Through the Seasons” – composition project of 33 piano pieces and poems by my pupils, (with one or two from me too!) recorded over the Summer.

These pieces are now made into a beautiful nature video with photographs and are available on Youtube Through the Seasons.

July 2019


(for prevention of teenage suicide)

In July, I undertook, and completed a four hour continuous piano play (one loo break!) playing my piano music and improvising, in our local church. Anyone was welcome to come and listen. TOTAL RAISED – £225.00 One of the improvisations (and another piece improvised before hand at home,) were written down directly from the recorded improvisations, Two Improvisations for Papyrus are available to purchase from this site. ALL MONEY from the sale of theses pieces will be donated directly to the charity.



Papyrus – a few details about the work of the charity



“We exist to reduce the number of young people who take their own lives by shattering the stigma around suicide and equipping young people and their communities wit the skills to recognise and respond to suicidal behaviour.”


Papyrus provides confidential support to young people struggling with the thoughts of suicide, and anyone worried about a young person the through their HopelineUK



The charity also engages with communities and volunteers in suicide prevention projects, and deliver training programmes to individuals and groups, including councils, healthcare professionals and school staff.