I write for joy     I write for the love of it

I write because I must…

If you are reading this, you may be looking for music, or are curious about its writer…


…I started to play the piano before I can remember; I would sit at the piano, making up music to propped up storybooks. I still love improvising, and you will still find me, sitting at the piano, creating music for a propped-up painting or photograph…. it is still a favourite occupation!


I had “formal” lessons from the age of seven, for the first year, taught by my mother, and went on to study composition and piano at the London College of Music.


I love writing for the piano, also the voice, and write both vocal and choral music, as well as chamber and orchestral music.


What inspires me? Inspiration often comes from nature; I write lots of pieces based on English seasons and flora, and inspiration also comes from my own human emotion. I also write much sacred choral and vocal music.


When not writing music, I also love writing poetry and enjoy painting, drawing, and photography… as well as being among nature and countryside…


I also love teaching the piano and am passionate about sharing my love of music with others.