Triumph Over Adversity


2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl (Bb),  2 bass,

2 horns, 1 tr, 2 ten tromb, bass tromb,


(glock, crash cymbals, tub bells) timp,



small chamber choir (SATB)


Triumph Over Adversity tackles the subject of bullying. I was severely bullied at school, so this depicts bullying in a school situation: but bullying can happen anywhere, at any time and any stage of life. This is my journey, in music, from first pieces written at the time,  through to those written at  music college and since, the themes of which are woven into the fabric of the piece, along-side the “bully theme”, which is gradually infiltrated by the “triumph theme”. Finally, the bully theme is overpowered by the huge Theme of Triumph, and in the last bar, is quite inaudible. My particular triumph, over adversity…but this pieces is for all such victims of bullying…