Toccata for String Orchestra

Toccata for String Orchestra is a short (three minute) piece suitable for either professional or very good amateur orchestra.  The entire piece was composed in just three minutes, (the length of the piece), as it was a “one -off” improvisation, played on a digital instrument and has been notated from the recorded sound file.

The piece is not without it’s challenges (frequent time changes) but would be perfectly playable by a professional or very good amateur orchestra. In fact, I have heard players say that they would “rather have a challenge than play everything in four four!”

Price: A4 score.  £15.00 (please don’t hesitate to contact if you would like an A3 score)

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I love improvising! I have always improvised, and they are a main spark for producing ideas fr new pieces…. sometimes (quite often, in fact) these will be complete pieces, but are “gone with the wind” if not recorded, although much may well find its way into a new composition… sometimes, however, one of those “whole piece improvisations” will be recorded! …then there is the task of notating…. but a great feeling of satisfaction when it is!

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