Frost and Snow

Frost and Snow (3’)


Two miniatures.


Frost, for right hand alone has a little story behind it: I usually wrap my friend’s birthday presents in “reject” prints of my music. (Fun, recycled and keeps the cost down.) in 2008, she received a gift in the paper, and asked me what was the scrap of music in the box. I had no idea – obviously an off-cut from the wrapping process. She played it to me on her piano, over the phone. I had written the piece some months earlier, and put it on my shelf – rather too small and insignificant to do much with – but I liked it all the same. After my friend had played the few bars, I told her it was called “Frost.” She was intrigued to have the rest of it, as she loved it. I was about to put on a concert of my piano music that year. I told her I thought it “too insignificant-a-piece” to include…. but she was not convinced, and persuaded me otherwise… so, it found its way into the big, wide world… lots of people at the concert also liked it… so here it is… a cold, icy, frosted world….



Snow, the second of the two miniatures, depicts the cold dark of the sky, leaden with the weight of latent snow, waiting to add to the already deep, white world….



Snow is also featured in one of my nature videos on my Youtube channel: suzannemunromusic and selected movements are also available on my Spotify album “Inspiration from Nature”.




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