On Heath in Wood (Improvised version)

On Heath, in Wood…. (2’ 11”)


The following poem was written after a walk one June morning. This poem, combined with the beauty held in the mind of a fresh, June morning on the heath there and in the woodland, inspired a piece for children’s choir. This in turn was played by myself (as a semi improvisation of the choral piece) – and so I decided to turn it into a piano piece as well. “Sunlight through the trees” comes in the music as rising passages of bubbling 3rds. Some of the words of the choral piece are written into the piano score, so the player can appreciate the thoughts behind the music.


This first recording of the piece was semi improvised…and had sparrows joining me with song outside the window, which seemed so appropriate that it became my favourite recording!


This piece is also featured in a film “On Heath, in Wood” on my Youtube channel. 



A Tranquil Hour Upon the Heath and Wood ….


A tranquil hour upon the heath

In company of dragonflies with diaphanous wings, and butterflies,

To while away an hour of life

In fulfilment, beneath June skies

Of azure blue; And to wander through the cool

Of woods; brush the ferns of emerald green

That act as a foil for the dragonfly’s diaphanous wing

As she flits through her dappled, jade domain.


Sunlight coming through the trees,

A refreshment to the breeze

That only morning-time can bring,

And all the while, the gentle singing

Softly, upon the air of tranquility,

That descends upon the mind and soul

That brings alive an inner spirit.

(Suzanne Munro)





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