Flying Free (flute and piano)

Flying Free for flute and piano began as an improvisation… with a difference: this duet was for one person! Luckily, this is something I have always enjoyed doing (albeit rather daft, but fun, never-the-less!) – and it came handy during Lockdown, when none of us could join anyone else.


I recorded it…and I liked it, (even if holding the flute with one hand isn’t great for embouchure or tuning!) Four years on, and I notated it from the recording.


The flute part is very simple, and limited to a few notes that can be payed with the left hand, but it’s amazing how changing the harmony can have such a positive effect on limited notes!. So, here it is, probably better played by two players, as a proper duet… but if you are alone, and want to try it on your own?!….


Price: £3.50 (separate flute part included)


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