Musical Scraps From Nature

Musical Scraps From Nature is an innovative set of piano miniatures for beginners and very early stage learners with each piece being just one or two lines long. The difference with these pieces, is that the music is placed on a lovely whole page image, which depicts what each piece is about, therefore encouraging interpretation right from the beginning.


It is also “user-friendly” for the beginner, who may feel swamped by more than a little music, well spaced, on the page, and due to the pictures, looks less “scary” and “dull” for them.


Each piece has a technique behind it, and before each, there is a note for teachers, and a tiny little poem for the children, encouraging them to forge a link between music and literature too. Pupils and teachers are encouraged to take a few minutes from a lesson, for example, and stand at the door, to feel the cold…and thinking about nature in music and vic versa, will hopefully create further lasting connections for them.  My pupils loved them!


Some of the pieces have two different pictures for the same piece, and here, the child may choose which they like the best.


Price: £6.00



For a time, I had a little pupil who had come from another teacher, and was was struggling to read, and had really lost all interest. I used these pieces with her, and wishing a couple of lessons, she was happy and very much enjoying spending time with her piano again. She began creating her own pieces to represent things like a sunset, too. Although she had been struggling with reading, she coped easily with the easier of these.


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