The Adventures of DIY Fun


Duration: 5′


A piece for all DIY enthusiasts (and haters!) everywhere!


Inspiration came from a story told to me by an adult pupil. A simple story, of “DIY gone wrong” at its best, which stuck in my mind and simply had to be set to music….


I made one or two drawn sketches for fun and then, one day not long after, my Dad was showing me some of the wonderful little cartoon characters he used to draw when at school…they were the perfect combination for the piece, so I decided to accompany the music with the sketches and so also made into a fun video!


I have found both adults as well as children have been chuckling at it wholeheartedly!



(Instrumentation listen in the “look inside” score)

Please note, the sound file this is an electronic file, (with human narration!)



Score (A3): £20.00

Parts: FREE


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In The Adventures of DIY Fun, we go with the hero from disaster to disaster, as he paddles into a flooded kitchen, makes several trips to the loft and takes up floor boards…all in the name of fitting a new cooker. We hear drilling from the flutes, hammering from the percussion, popping up and down to the loft from the glock. and plenty of rousing tutti tunes to keep him going.


Cold and “cheesed-off”, I soldiered on,

One plank after another.

And just as I was reaching the north face of the Eiger,

And I was coming to the end of my tether, “Oh brother!

The tether broke – and I came through

“And this is the place where, in this little story

Hang my ‘pins’ in all their glory…..”


Something that will have the audience chuckling away!

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